Home International Coronavirus: Players ready to REVOLT over behind-closed-doors games for four reasons

Coronavirus: Players ready to REVOLT over behind-closed-doors games for four reasons


Coronavirus: Players ready to REVOLT over behind-closed-doors games for four Reasons

The Premier League have started to map out a return of fixtures behind-closed-doors despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Players from all levels of the football pyramid are vehemently against the game being resumed behind closed doors amid the coronavirus worldwide pandemic.
Major concerns have been voiced to the PFA with both the Premier League and EFL believing it could be a real possibility to get the season finished.
The top flight have even formulated a plan for how this would come about with a return behind closed doors as early as May 2/3.
Premier League clubs are concerned at losing out on millions in revenue through TV companies in multi-billion pound contracts.
There are four main concerns players have on resuming the season behind closed doors amid the COVID-19 crisis, according to the Mirror.
Stars fear for their own safety with the Government delivering strict warnings over social distancing.
Secondly there is concern it could put their own families at risk.
There would also be an extra strain put on emergency services with them all needed on site if football was to continue.
This seems illogical with them stretched to the limit because of the coronavirus crisis
And finally players do not like the idea of playing in empty stadiums with fans being locked out from seeing their favourite stars.
Players’ concerns are being passed on to the PFA and it is becoming clear any behind closed doors plans would not go down well.
PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said: “Players do have concerns and understandably so.
“It would not be our preferred option but everything has to be considered at the moment.”
There is also an understanding from players that TV will put clubs under pressure because of the huge contracts they have signed.
All football has been put on hold until April 30 with the Premier League and EFL encouraging clubs to keep players away from training grounds.
Players are also nervous about using gyms as they are thought to be ‘hot spots’ for contracting the virus.
Most clubs have now devised individual fitness plans that they can do from home to keep fit for the eventual return of the game
UEFA have also today announced that the Champions League and Europa League finals have been postponed.
And IOC committee member Dick Pound has confirmed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be moved amid the pandemic.
The sporting calendar has been completely wiped out by the virus with organisers frantically drawing up contingency plans for when their events can return.



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