Home General News Akufo-Addo causing tension and division in Ghana – Mahama

Akufo-Addo causing tension and division in Ghana – Mahama


Akufo-Addo causing tension and division in Ghana – Mahama

The presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. John Dramani Mahama says never in the history of Ghana have Ghanaians felt divided until the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over.

Speaking at the inauguration of his campaign team, he posited that there, is so much tension and stress because the NPP government is presiding over a divisive government.

The former president was worried the NPP has failed to unite Ghanaians and rather creating a divided front, a situation he noted will not be seen when the NDC takes over the management of the country.

Commenting on the selection of his choice of running mate, Mr. Mahama said “Many have said the time is not right for a woman veep; when will it ever be right?” Mr Mahama asked in defense of his choice of Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang as his running mate for the 7 December 2020 polls, insisting: “I believe the time is right”.

“Never have we in the history of the Fourth Republic felt so divided. Never in the history of the Fourth Republic have there been so much tension and stress amongst our people”

“It is my hope that we will all rally behind her and support her,” he told party supporters following his announcement of his choice.

“Naana Jane is an accomplished woman who has made her mark, both nationally and internationally, and it is my belief that as a social democratic party, and a progressive party at that, if any party must be positioned in the history of our country to create the opportunity for women to serve in the highest offices of the land, then it is no other party than the NDC”, Mr Mahama added.

According to him, “We open up the decision-making process to our female partners and show that together with them, we will move our country forward”.

“We cannot develop this country with a minority of the population of this country, bearing in mind that women in this country constitute almost 52% of the population,” the former President added.




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